GISUser.com is a reputable and professional publication? I’m on the floor laughing…

Glenn seems to have finally gotten done moving and he’s back to posting. Well lucky me I got a comment on my blog.

hey dude,


I just saw this.. shows you how much I care about your little blog! Anyway, you are welcome to your opinions but man, you are a whinney, kiss-ass cry baby dude.. you need to chill.. not sure why you care so much about what I do and why you worry so much about what on or not on my blog.

Thanks for reading my blog!

My blog is simple fun and for posting my opinions.. don’t like it.. kiss my ass and go somewhere else.

Believe me I have, other than PlanetGS I don’t see your posts and thanks to Sean’s Greasemonkey script I don’t even see that anymore.

GISuser, however, is a reputable and professional publication..

OK this could be the funniest thing I’ve read all year

don’t like it??? who cares what you think man.. until you grow some balls and actually put your name on your publication go ahead and keep ranting althouh nobody will take you seriously (hey nice kiss-assing to James too!) maybe that keeps you listed in planetGS although I can’t really see any other reason why your little rag should get listed there.

Glenn this is a blog, and an anonymous one at that.

Feel free to continue this conversation with me in person over a beer at the ESRI UC if your boss decides to give you a few days off to attend!

Nah that won’t happen as we don’t bother with that “kiss ass convention”. Feel free to post all those camera phone pictures of you and your buddies at ESRI. Shows how “connected” you are.

Frankly there is nothing professional about GISUser. It only exists to give Glenn money from all those ads all over the place. At least Directions Magazine doesn’t look like Las Vegas and that is one site I’d wager as “professional” over your ad farm.


1 Response to “GISUser.com is a reputable and professional publication? I’m on the floor laughing…”

  1. 1 GlennSucks
    March 15, 2007 at 12:11 am

    I had some run ins with Glenn when he was just starting out up here in Canada. He made promises to us to help him start and the phrase “used and abused” comes to mind. So “professional” – hummm – professional means you follow up and live up to your promises and professional means you do not cry about another’s opinion. Then he moved to Florida, I am still waiting for the promises to come through. He is very arrogant and he reminds me a lot of Conrad Black minus the vocabulary.

    I have been laughing every time you poke fun at him and his response just shows and reveals the character of the person he is.

    I completely support your mission – Glenn Sucks!

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