SlashGeo is dead

I was going to blog how I totally agree with Glenn the GIS User that the iPhone sucks ass, but I can’t bring myself to do that. Thus I’m going to talk about everyone’s favorite, SlashGeo. I’ll be honest, I never understood what SlashGeo was trying to do. Lord Satri or whatever put his heart and soul into the project so I can’t be too hard on the guy, but a couple of things just don’t add up.

Why the love of SlashCode? I mean it was pretty much a blog as it was written, why not simplify it and just blog using SlashGeo.org as your url? The choice of CMS didn’t affect the traffic, but I bet it affected the commenting.

Second that traffic. Seems WAY high to me. I looked at James Fee’s Blog and The Map Room to see what stats they posted. I can’t believe that SlashGeo is more popular than both those blogs. I’m not saying that Lord Satri is deceiving us, but I can’t understand how it could be more popular than those blogs (and I assume All Points Blog too). If I were him, I’d contact these folks to see what might be worked out.

Well at least people complaining about SlashGeo being in Planet Geospatial will have something else to focus on (maybe me?). Best of luck to Lord Satri as other have said. I wasn’t a reader or commenter, but I hate to see a blog (or whatever you call a SlashCode site) go. Hopefully it won’t be removed from the web as there has to be good content in there somewhere.



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