Manifold’s GUI is horrible

I used to have comments on my blog, but I’ve turned them off because there is only room for one wacko on this blog (me). Take a look at this nutjob:

Look, I am simply thinking that your links and words grossly misrepresent Manifold. I don’t know if you do the same for other software products, but I don’t care about them and so I don’t try to defend them. But Manifold I do care about, and so sometimes when I see what I perceive to be unjustified criticism of Manifold, I raise to their defense. So, either make your criticism of Manifold constructive (and for that, you would have to learn it) or refrain from criticising. Simple as that.

I love when users feel the need to defend the honor of the products they use. I can only imagine how he/she must look at their computer screen while composing such drivel.


Plus we all know Manifold’s GUI is its biggest drawback.  Getting all bratty about it won’t change a thing.



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