How to fix SlashGeo

So SlashGeo is back, but its fallen into its old habbits. It is so easy to fix this thing that I’m willing to offer up the solution. Take this latest “article“.

Directions Magazine has an interesting interview with Paul Ramsey of Refractions Research and Tyler Mitchell of OSGeo on the upcoming Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) conference in Victoria, British Columbia. In addition to some of the highlights coming at FOSS4G, they provide an overview some general trends in the development and adoption of open source geospatial technologies.

SlashGeo is claiming that this interview is “interesting” and backs it up with “overview of some general trends…”. Come one now man, tell us why it is interesting. Overview of general trends is like watching paint dry. Just write why it was interesting to you and maybe in turn you’ll save SlashGeo. I’d say the biggest statement was by Paul and his:

…the demand for the simple things ArcView 3 does – data capture, data editing, querying, selection sets, sorting, some scripting – is huge, and the new ESRI desktop alternatives are too expensive for the kinds of folks just scraping by with ArcView 3 now. They want a new option, it has to do all the things ArcView 3 does now, and they want it to interoperate with the new technology available – spatial databases like PostGIS and Oracle, Web services, and so on. Watch for it, it’ll be a tsunami when it happens.

Now that is interesting stuff!  Generating discussion is easy to do if you give people something to talk about.  Right now I just don’t see that happening at SlashGeo and its pretty much falling back into old habits.  Too bad because I actually had high hopes that new blood would change things.



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