Stealing Google Earth Imagery…

You just have to love this:

 You can save the displayed view in Google Earth by using the File=> Save => Save Image command (Ctrl-Alt-S is the shortcut), which saves the contents of the view window as a JPG file. But in order to use this image in a GIS program, it has to be georeferenced, i.e. coordinates assigned to the pixels. There are free image georeferencing options out there, and I’ll cover some of those soon, but that’s not necessary in this case – there’s a simpler way to get the georeferencing data for an image exported from Google Earth.   

pilferingAre you kidding me?  You can throw that little disclaimer in the end and talk about “fair use”, but plain and simple, you are stealing imagery that doesn’t belong to you.  I personally love the hypocrisy of pilfering copyrighted data from Google (I guess because they are so big and impersonal), yet throwing up that horrible red, “please donate money to my blog because I’m in it for the money” advertisement at the top.  Is this what the little kids do now with GIS?  Steal data that doesn’t belong to you because they are used to stealing music via the internet.  Remind me to keep an eye on our interns a little more.  I’m embarrassed to be a GIS professional after reading that chicanery.  



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