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FOSS4G Blogging

Well the heck are the blogs?  I know some bloggers are there, but there is precious little information in Planet Geospatial or Planet OSGeo.  I would have loved to go except I’m on the do not travel list and can’t leave the country.  I’m calling out James Fee and asking him why he didn’t go.  I know he would have blogged about the damn thing.


Note to GIS bloggers

We’ve all seen the Miss America contestant talk about Geography in America. Not everyone needs to link to the YouTube movie.  Its cute, but talk about beating a dead horse.



Random Junk while working late…

  • I mean there are ads in blogs and then there are blogs that are designed to make money. I like the concept of Free GeoTools, but it looks like a swapmeet with all those ads on there. You are using Blogger for pete’s sake, it isn’t like there are any hosting costs.
  • My hats off to Google Earth Blog though. I’ll wager that Frank is pulling in the most money of any blogger out there with how his site is designed. If you bloggers out there want to make money, I’d hire Frank in a heartbeat to get your blog optimized for that revenue.
  • I used to listen to the Very Spatial podcast religiously, but now I can’t seem to bother anymore. It isn’t the crew from WV’s fault though, I’ve unsubscribed from every podcast that isn’t music. I think I like to escape from GIS by putting my iPod on.
  • What’s with the 24/7 coverage AllPointsBlog is offering on the Bentley Geospatial Conference. Yea my company spends millions on Bentley products so I get they are big, but anyone want to wager what their FOSS4G coverage will include? Probably pretty light if you ask me.
  • Charlie Savage on GML – Spot on! GML is like that friends dog that kept trying to hump your leg when you visited their house. You try and avoid it at all costs, but it keeps jumping on you. Your only relief is when the thing gets run over by Grandma.
  • Our ESRI Maintenance quote showed up today in my email (well last week but I finally got to it). All I did is drag it to the trash. QGIS, PostGIS, GeoServer and GRASS will rescue anyone caught in that ESRI trap. Now I’ve got thousands of dollars of budget to spend on something fun. Maybe massage chairs for the GIS crew?
  • Oh ArcGIS Explorer? Download, install, run, crash, uninstall. All in about 5 minutes.
  • Lastly, Sean has been on a blogging roll. One of the A-list GIS bloggers if you ask me.
07 is a reputable and professional publication? I’m on the floor laughing…

Glenn seems to have finally gotten done moving and he’s back to posting. Well lucky me I got a comment on my blog.

hey dude,


I just saw this.. shows you how much I care about your little blog! Anyway, you are welcome to your opinions but man, you are a whinney, kiss-ass cry baby dude.. you need to chill.. not sure why you care so much about what I do and why you worry so much about what on or not on my blog.

Thanks for reading my blog!

My blog is simple fun and for posting my opinions.. don’t like it.. kiss my ass and go somewhere else.

Believe me I have, other than PlanetGS I don’t see your posts and thanks to Sean’s Greasemonkey script I don’t even see that anymore.

GISuser, however, is a reputable and professional publication..

OK this could be the funniest thing I’ve read all year

don’t like it??? who cares what you think man.. until you grow some balls and actually put your name on your publication go ahead and keep ranting althouh nobody will take you seriously (hey nice kiss-assing to James too!) maybe that keeps you listed in planetGS although I can’t really see any other reason why your little rag should get listed there.

Glenn this is a blog, and an anonymous one at that.

Feel free to continue this conversation with me in person over a beer at the ESRI UC if your boss decides to give you a few days off to attend!

Nah that won’t happen as we don’t bother with that “kiss ass convention”. Feel free to post all those camera phone pictures of you and your buddies at ESRI. Shows how “connected” you are.

Frankly there is nothing professional about GISUser. It only exists to give Glenn money from all those ads all over the place. At least Directions Magazine doesn’t look like Las Vegas and that is one site I’d wager as “professional” over your ad farm.


OSGeo demands removal of the OSGeo themed thong

I subscribe to the comments at James Fee’s blog because some of the best discussion in the GIS world takes place there. Well today the news is that OSGeo told James to remove the graphic of the thong with the OSGeo logo on it.

Actually OSGeo was offended. They asked nicely so I complied. That is all I’m going to say about it.

I’m surprised for a couple reasons.

  1. James has been one of the most prolific bloggers on OSGeo (in fact I learned of Mapserver from him which I’ve since replaced ArcIMS at our company with)
  2. James makes fun of everyone. Some of the folks I know get the biggest kick out of James’ ESRI bashing posts are open source folks. If ESRI can deal with their logo being put on weird stuff by James, you’d think OSGeo could.
  3. That James actually complied. I’m a little disappointed he did so, but I’m sure he had his reasons.

But lucky for us, the OSGeo Thong is cached in all our browsers and RSS readers.


The Power of Planet Geospatial

I never knew how much traffic was generated by Planet Geospatial until I was not in it anymore. Sure I could see the traffic in my logs, but now that I’m back in it is simply amazing (for such a small blog it is a big deal). This got me thinking though…

  1. Should James be the gatekeeper of GIS blogs? He’s done a great job but the power that he has over who is in or isn’t in PGS is something that I’m not sure one person should have. I suppose someone would have to run the thing, but I guess how did he become the controlling force.
  2. Even blogs that have outgrown Planet GS owe most of their existance to Planet GS in the first place. I have loads of blogs in my RSS reader, but I can’t think of many that I found outside of Planet GS. I use “The Earth is Square” as a good example. It is a flurishing blog that has outgrown the need for PlanetGS, but I’m sure most of us learned of it from James.
  3. I’ve noticed links to blogs show up in sites such as Ogle Earth right after they appear in Planet GS. I can’t recall the blog offhand, but litteraly an hour after it first appeared in Planet GS Stefan had a link to it. Now of course there isn’t anything wrong with it, but if big bloggers such as Stefan use PGS as their source it leads us back to my first point, James is the gatekeeper.
  4. Our own reliance on Planet GS is unhealthy. As far as I can tell, James doesn’t take donations, and he’s removed his ads from his blog (after receiving that MacBook I guess). That means he’s funding the site personally. I know this stuff isn’t that expensive, but given how many blogs show up in Planet GS I have to think he’s putting hours into it a week. One day he’ll grow tired of it all and PGS will stop working or just disappear. Are we all ready for that?

Now I’m not saying that I don’t appreciate James and his work (check my blog posts if you don’t believe me), but have we gotten to the point where we wait for James to point us to a new GIS blog?

I guess so.


James Fee to pass Robert Scoble in blogging

I admit, I love I’m not the most prolific blogger out there, but I do see the “Big Dog” of GIS Blogs has moved to I’ve been reading James Fee’s blog for years now and I almost think of him as the Robert Scoble of GIS. He’s just one of those smart people who when they blog, you read with interest what they think. Frankly I’m surprised neither ESRI, Autodesk or someone else hasn’t hired him.

Anyway his blog in one day has shot up the charts at and this close to the holidays. Maybe by early next year he’ll be surpassing Robert Scoble in the blog popularity list. Good for everyone because it shows how big of an industry we all are in. 🙂

Oh and I can’t help but keep thanking him for Planet Geospatial. He has done more for the GIS blogging community than anyone. I’m sure no one would be reading this blog if they had not seen it on his blog or on Planet Geospatial.