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All Points Blog goes off the deep end….

OK, I’m a big fan of Obama and I’m of the mindset that Fox “News” is the worst piece of crap on the internet, but I would never link to a story on any “left leaning” blog like Adena did. I’ve been a huge fan of Adena for many years, but this has to be the first time I’ve seen her make a HUGE mistake like this. James Fee called out APB a couple weeks ago and Joe Francica says “Directions or APB is not the “news”. I never really considered them news, but I did think they used to be independent. Now with all their advertisements, publishing press releases as news, ESRI Podcasts (Jesus, does ESRI sponsor every Geospatial Podcast out there?) and now their political statements, one has to wonder if they have gone off the deep end.
Personally I don’t really read them much anymore as they always seem to post more about their advertisers and less about some of the great open source projects out there.


Manifold Western US User Conference

A friend send me this link to the Manifold user forums.  It appears that James Fee is going to a Manifold User conference.


Very smart to get James to the Manifold User Conference. Given how many people complained when he skipped the ESRI UC last year and there wasn’t any good blogging from it, Manifold is sure to get a bump in sales because of this. No one blogs quite like James does.

Of course he could blog about how nuts the interface is, but I guess he already has done that.


Movement toward Open Source

I see I was right about James.  He’s dumping ESRI and moving forward with open source. I guess all that bitching about ArcGIS not supporting OGC last week had a point.Look, I’ve been using ArcInfo since before time and I know many GIS folks in my area. They all to a man (or woman) say they are fed up with ESRI. The problem is they all think there is no other solution out there. If consultants start showing these folks what FOSS can do, I think the dominos will start falling and we could be on the cusp of a revolution in GIS (well to be fair the revolution is already happening, just traditional GIS folk don’t know about it).

I don’<p>t even know what Che did anymore, just that his picture is the #1 Google Image Search for Revolution.

Viva La Revolución


The “ESRI Blogger” is no more?

I’ve been following the discussion about KML/GML support with ArcGIS on James’ blog today.  Quite the discussion, but I noticed a huge change on his blog.  He no longer claims that it is an ESRI blog.  The tagline currently says:

Blogging GIS, Google Earth, Virtual Earth and Programming 

I’m not sure when he made the change but the Google Cache still shows his old tagline:

Blogging GIS, ESRI, Google Earth, Virtual Earth and Programming 

 Interesting, if his WordPress blog is anything like mine, he had to make a conscious effort to remove ESRI from the tagline.  I wonder why?  He really hasn’t been posting about ESRI lately so I wonder if there is some sort of fallout between James and ESRI that is making him ignore ESRI and in turn remove it from his blog title.  While I no longer use ArcGIS in my daily life, I used to keep up to date about ESRI on his blog.  I guess I’ll have to resort to other means from now on.


Frank Taylor Loves The Google

I enjoy reading Frank’s blog, but sometimes his love of Google just turns me off.  Every time Microsoft introduces a new feature, Frank plays it down by pimping how great Google is.   I mean come on Frank, “Virtual Earth Bird’s Eye Views in 3D – Seen in Google Earth First”? That isn’t even close to what Microsoft has released here. And of course Frank sees the glass half empty with KML support in VE.

Frank does such a really good job sometimes pushing 3D globes, that it is easy to forget he is really just pushing The Google. Makes me appreciate Stefan Geens all the more.

Google Goo


FOSS4G Blogging

Well the heck are the blogs?  I know some bloggers are there, but there is precious little information in Planet Geospatial or Planet OSGeo.  I would have loved to go except I’m on the do not travel list and can’t leave the country.  I’m calling out James Fee and asking him why he didn’t go.  I know he would have blogged about the damn thing.


Stealing Google Earth Imagery…

You just have to love this:

 You can save the displayed view in Google Earth by using the File=> Save => Save Image command (Ctrl-Alt-S is the shortcut), which saves the contents of the view window as a JPG file. But in order to use this image in a GIS program, it has to be georeferenced, i.e. coordinates assigned to the pixels. There are free image georeferencing options out there, and I’ll cover some of those soon, but that’s not necessary in this case – there’s a simpler way to get the georeferencing data for an image exported from Google Earth.   

pilferingAre you kidding me?  You can throw that little disclaimer in the end and talk about “fair use”, but plain and simple, you are stealing imagery that doesn’t belong to you.  I personally love the hypocrisy of pilfering copyrighted data from Google (I guess because they are so big and impersonal), yet throwing up that horrible red, “please donate money to my blog because I’m in it for the money” advertisement at the top.  Is this what the little kids do now with GIS?  Steal data that doesn’t belong to you because they are used to stealing music via the internet.  Remind me to keep an eye on our interns a little more.  I’m embarrassed to be a GIS professional after reading that chicanery.