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All Points Blog goes off the deep end….

OK, I’m a big fan of Obama and I’m of the mindset that Fox “News” is the worst piece of crap on the internet, but I would never link to a story on any “left leaning” blog like Adena did. I’ve been a huge fan of Adena for many years, but this has to be the first time I’ve seen her make a HUGE mistake like this. James Fee called out APB a couple weeks ago and Joe Francica says “Directions or APB is not the “news”. I never really considered them news, but I did think they used to be independent. Now with all their advertisements, publishing press releases as news, ESRI Podcasts (Jesus, does ESRI sponsor every Geospatial Podcast out there?) and now their political statements, one has to wonder if they have gone off the deep end.
Personally I don’t really read them much anymore as they always seem to post more about their advertisers and less about some of the great open source projects out there.